This blog is a place for me to express myself about whatever I want, as opposed to having to restrict myself to any specific niche.

My main interests include health and fitness, passive income creation, and travel. You can expect posts to revolve around these topics as well as other random subjects.

My posting is also pretty erratic. I may do it daily for months, and then go off-grid for a while. So your best bet is to join the newsletter to keep updated. I'll never email more than once a week and there are also some subscriber only bonuses every now and again.

All posts are also converted into audio/visual format using text to speech software and distributed via podcast and Youtube. It is the same content, so just consume it through your preferred format.

You can't comment on blog posts because I don't want to moderate it. I do have other social media but I don't monitor it so don't bother messaging me there. I will NEVER see it.

You will also notice there is no contact page on this website.

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That's all for now.

Sam Fury.


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